Careworks Projects

CareWorks Projects are designed and created on site providing quality goods and services to the local community. Not only do recipients receive excellent goods and services but they support local job seekers

Please contact Tamsin Magnay on 9484 4788 or to discuss potential partnerships and explore possible projects for your organisation.  

Modular Stage

In 2016 our Woodwork Activity created a module stage for The Croxton School, a local multi-campus specialist school. Croxton was in need of a stable, packable stage which could be assembled and disassembled by staff and students. They also needed the option of various sizes and shapes for different functions and events. Our supervisor worked with school staff to develop the project to their specific needs. This culminated in a combined hand-over event at the centre including staff, students, alumni of the school and participants who worked on the project.

Possible woodwork projects include the creation of outdoor tables and chairs, bird feeders and bird boxes, planter boxes or large scale outdoor games for your organisation. 

Woodwork Gallery

Web Site and Phone Apps

Northern’s IT activity has developed websites, games and phone apps for local not-for-profit organisations. This has included a website for Thornbury Church of Christ, a community artspace in South Melbourne, a mobile bingo app and a mobile children’s game.

Possible IT projects include the creation of websites, phone apps for the notification of events, curriculum-based age-specific games, map-based activities for schools, hospitals or local parks, interactive games with specific outcomes or platforms for community awareness.

IT Gallery

Community Garden

In 2016 our Careworks Garden Activity designed, built and planted garden beds to propagate vegetables, fruits and herbs to be used for the community lunches provided at the centre, as donations to those who frequent the centre and distributed to local not-for-profit groups. An outdoor setting, portable garden beds, worm farms and composting systems were also created to support the garden.

Garden Gallery

Costume Sewing

In collaboration with The Croxton School, a local multi-campus specialist school, our Costume Sewing Project designed and created over 80 costumes for the schools end of year concert. From Minions to Austin Powers, Marcel Marceau to Superheroes, our staff collaborated with teachers to develop individual costumes for each student. With the performance being held on site at Northern Community, this activity has proven to be a perfect fit of our team and facility with the schools needs.

Our sewing room continues to create products for customers including costumes, made-to-order, made-to-measure, alterations and is has a pop-up shop opposite reception every Wednesday. 

Sewing Gallery

Outdoor Giant Chess Set

As part of a larger garden project, our team created a giant chess set made of hebal block to be used at Cultivating Community, a community garden initiative in Richmond.

Please contact Tamsin Magnay on 9484 4788 or to discuss potential partnerships and explore possible projects for your organisation.