Employment Experience

CareWorks offers a range of work experience opportunities for job seekers through our hospitality, retail, maintenance, gardening, office administration, cleaning, sewing and bike repair programs. 

Northern has seen many skilled, enthusiastic and hard-working participants transition into employment beyond their placement and continues to support and champion those looking for work in a difficult job market. 

Work for the Dole Participant's Testimonials

Our Work for the Dole Program has seen many participants come through it's doors. Come check out our video showing what they think about being a part of our community.


Employment Training Programs

Employment training equips participants in our various programs become job ready by providing work experience in a supportive atmosphere.  

  • Hospitality

    Our Hospitality Program provides low cost, two course lunches, four days a week to a diverse group of people from our local area. Our hospitality team also caters for community events and maintains the hospitality area for ongoing use throughout the day. 

  • Gardening

    Gardening's latest activity is a movable garden bed project. This involves designing, building and planting a wide range of movable garden beds for the community. The beds include bush food gardens, culinary herbs and native Victorian beds. 

  • Sewing

    Our Sewing program is currently partnering with Croxton School, a multi-campus specialist school, to create costumes for their end of year concert and ongoing use. 

  • Maintenance

    Our Maintenance program is currently renovating existing storage spaces and creating much needed new storage around the Northern Community Centre. The maintenance workshop also serves as a space for repairing, redesigning and restoring furniture donations from the Op Shop ready for resale.

  • Bike Repair

    Our Bike Repair program recycles and repairs old bikes, making them available for distribution through our Op Shop and for local community groups. 

  • Administration & Cleaning

    Cleaning and Administration activities provide ongoing services for Northern Community. Both play a valuable role in maintaining our building and providing support services for our church and community programs. 

  • IT

    Our IT program involves a variety of tasks involving computer software and hardware. This includes web design, computer coding, software application development, graphic design, 3D modelling, sound recording and hardware maintenance. 

  • Retail

    Our Retail program works with participants in our Op Shops. The clothing shop sells mens, womens and children's clothes, bags, jewellery, accessories and shoes. Our large furniture warehouse sells furniture, electrical, bric-a-brac, linen, books and CD's/DVD's. Participants are involved in sorting, pricing, sales and maintaining floor stock in both areas.