“The real indication of discipleship is a continued pattern of obedience, even when no one is watching or listening.” Duffy Robbins, The Ministry of Nurture

“The biblical picture of discipleship is a picture of forward motion: a pilgrimage, a marathon, a journey not an arrival.” Eugene Peterson, A Long Obedience in the Same Direction

"Go out and train everyone you meet, far and near, in this way of life..." Jesus, Matthew 28:19, 

Adopting a way of life that is shaped by Jesus is central to being a Christian. This lifelong journey includes the transformation of our thinking, values, affections, character and behaviour. At Northern we are committed to assisting people embark on this transformative process by offering a range of learning settings and relationships. 

Discipleship is not about the accumulation of knowledge and information but about life formation and transformation. By creating opportunities for intentional discipleship we aim to guide people through various stages of growth from the exploration of faith through to Christian maturity, which we define as living a life of love. 

Life Groups... doing life together

Life Groups are a great stepping stone into a life of discipleship. Made up of groups of people (usually 5-10), Life Groups members meet regularly in an informal setting to build community, outwork their faith and provide care and support to one another. Life Groups are the place in which we do life together.

Each Life Group is unique and shaped by the interests and contributions of group members. Groups might share a meal, discuss the Bible and issues of faith, pray, encourage personal sharing or participate in communion. 


An inclusive contemplative group utilizing silence,

mediation, discussion, prayer and other creative forms of worship

for people who seek to explore and deepen their spirituality.

Thirst is held in various homes at 7.30pm every second Tuesday evening.

Contact 9484 4788 for more information.