Pre-podcast Sermon Notes

Prior to the establishing of our Podcasts, we often posted the notes from the sermon. Click on the sermon title to download. Enjoy!

  • The Festival of Shelters

    David Toscano // Nehemiah Series

    Sunday 25 June 2017

    The ancient Jewish Festival of Shelters had the whole community camping outside their homes for a week of celebration, as they remembered God's faithful provision. David challenges us to seek God's leading first and to hold lightly to the comforts we receive.

  • David Toscano's Commissioning Service

    Sunday 18 June 2017

    We welcomed David and Mary Toscano into our community, celebrating together as David was commissione into the role of Ministry Team Leader.

  • Living in God's Joy and Grace

    Matt Jones // Nehemiah Series

    Sunday 11 June 2017

    We were thanking God today for his strengthening during a challenging season in the last eight months. Matt shared some reflections on endurance and joy from Nehemiah 8:1 - 12.

  • Pentecost - Baptism Service

    Matt Jones

    Sunday 4 June 2017

    In preparation for the baptism this week, Matt shares a clear summary of what baptism is all about.

  • Dealing with Discouragement

    Matt Jones // Nehemiah Series

    Sunday 28 May 2017

    Drawing on the story from Nehemiah chapter 4, Matt offers some tips on how to deal effectively with feelings of discouragement so as not to be sidelined by them.

  • The Lost Art of Neighbouring

    Gabriel Hingley // Nehemiah Series

    Sunday 21 May 2017

    Guest speaker Gabriel Hingley draws from Romans 12:9 - 18 to describe what it looks like to truly be a proactive neighbour who works for the peace of the neighbourhood in our age of change and mistrust.

  • Everybody Plays a Part

    Lynette Leach // Nehemiah Series

    Sunday 14 May 2017

    Lynette reminds us that building a thriving church involves working together. Every person is an essential part of the church body with a crucial part to play in the neighbourhood.

  • Engaging your Neighbourhood

    Matt Jones // Nehemiah Series

    Sunday 7 May 2017

    Matt gets us thinking about our neighbourhoods, the places that we dwell in and move amongst. By paying attention to local relationships to land and people we just might find God already at work there, restoring us.

  • Nehemiah's Plan and God's Provision

    Lynette Leach // Nehemiah Series

    Sunday 30th April 2017

    Lynette investigates the key characteristics of Nehemiah that made him such a person of action and allowed him to follow through with the plan God gave him. We can draw from his example in our personal and professional lives as well as in our communities and families.

  • How to Thrive in Exile

    Matt Jones // Nehemiah Series

    Sunday 23rd April 2017

    Matt introduces our new series about the ancient story of Nehemiah and the Jews returning home from Babylonian exile. He shares about how the metaphor of exile can speak into our contemporary search for a place to call home and to thrive in.

  • Easter Sunday: Celebrating the Resurrection

    Lynette Leach & Matt Jones

    Sunday 16th April 2017

    In part 1, Lynette shares about the spiritual journey of the cross Easter calls us to participate in. In part 2, Matt describes the 'New Life' we celebrate at Easter.

  • Loving God by Embracing Mystery

    Guest Speaker Annie Layton // Spiritual Pathways Series

    Sunday 9th April 2017

    Annie shared about how to be a 'modern day mystic'. It's about being open to God speaking in life's circumstances, learning to trust promptings in line with God's nature are from God and overcoming fear to act on such promptings.

  • Loving God through Religious Tradition

    Matt Jones // Spiritual Pathways Series

    Sunday 2nd April 2017

    Religious activity is regarded as tired, boring and out of touch these days. Matt shows why religious tradition is always vital to us as long as it's inclusive, honouring to heritage and open to the new.

  • Loving God through Justice

    Interview with Jackie // Spiritual Pathways Series

    Sunday 26th March 2017

    Matt interviews Jackie, a local friend who shares about her active involvement in pursuits of justice and discusses her perspectives on justice as an act of worship.

  • Loving God through Prayer and Contemplation

    Lynette Leach // Spiritual Pathways Series

    Sunday 19th March 2017

    Lynette shares about the contemplative tradition and provides helpful guidelines to approach contemplation for yourself

  • The Art of Simplicity

    Matt Jones // Spiritual Pathways Series

    Sunday 12th March 2017

    Matt discusses the cluttered lives we live in regards to possessions, thought life and conscience. He looks to the wisdom tradition in the Bible to explore how God moves us towards simplicity and freedom.

  • Midwives of the  Spirit

    Dr. Chris Turner // Spiritual Pathways Series

    Sunday 5th March 2017

    Our guest speaker Dr. Chris Turner shares from his own spiritual journey about moving towards an open responsiveness to experience and participate in God's Spirit breaking through in everyday life.

  • Loving God by Honouring our Bodies

    Matt Jones // Spiritual Pathways Series

    Sunday 26th February 2017

    Matt discusses the Christian practice of honouring our bodies as a vital act of worship in our times.

  • Loving God by Loving Others

    Lynette Leach // Spiritual Pathways Series

    Sunday 19th February 2017

    Lynette discusses how our acts of care and love for others draw us into worship and deepens our experience of God's loving presence. She also provides some practical tips in pastoral care for others.

  • Loving God in Nature

    Matt Jones // Spiritual Pathways Series

    Sunday 12th February 2017

    Matt discusses how recognising God as our loving creator impacts on our identity and actions. He gives some practical tips for how to spiritually approach creation in worship of God.

  • Worship as a Way of Life

    Matt Jones // Spiritual Pathways Series

    Sunday 5th February 2017

    Matt introduces our new series 'Spiritual Pathways' discussing what is distinctive about Christian Spirituality

  • Making Room for Love

    Steve Sutton // Advent Series (4)

    Sunday 18 December 2016

    Steve looks at various Greek words for love and invites us to make space for the highest form of love in our lives

  • Making Room for Joy

    Steve Sutton // Advent Series (3)

    Sunday 11 December 2016

    Steve outlines some of the latest scientific research on joy, explains the basis of joy in the life of a Christian and practical ways to increase our level of joy. 

  • Making Room for Peace

    Matt Jones // Advent Series (2)

    Sunday 4 December 2016

    Matt discusses some strategies for living in God's peace even amidst hardship.

  • Making Room for Hope

    Matt Jones // Advent Series (1)

    Sunday 27 November 2016

    Matt introduces the Advent season discussing the meaning of hope and how to make room for hope in our lives.

  • What's in Your Hand?

    Lynette Leach

    Sunday 20 November 2016

    Lynette encourages us to consider what we have to offer others in our life, our church, our work and our neighbourhoods, recognising that God multiplies our efforts to meet great needs.

  • Called to Flourish

    Philip Kua from Churches of Christ Victoria & Tasmania

    Sunday 13 November 2016

    Phil gives tips on how to flourish in our lives even when the environment we find ourselves is not ideal.

  • Matt discusses the meaning behind All Saints Day for the church. He reminds us and challenges us to invest deeply in each others' lives.

  • Lyn reflects on the life of Mary McKillop, Australia's first canonised saint. 

  • Sir Doug & Lady Nicholls

    Inspiring Australian Saints Series (4) 

    Sunday 23 October 2016

    Steve discusses the lives of Sir Doug & Lady Gladys Nicholls and how saints work in team.

  • Irene Gleeson

    Steve Sutton // Inspiring Australian Saints Series (3)

    Sunday 16 October 2016

    Steve shares the inspiring story of Irene Gleeson - dubbed 'Australia's Mother Teresa with attitude!'

  • Arthur Stace

    Steve Sutton // Inspiring Australian Saints Series (2)

    Sunday 9 October 2016

    Steve tells the inspiring story of 'Mr Eternity' Arthur Stace.

  • Series Introduction

    Matt Jones // Inspiring Australian Saints Series (1)

    Sunday 2 October

    Matt introduces us to the biblical concept of sainthood.

  • Series Wrap Up

    Steve Sutton // Restore Series (17)

    Sunday 25 September 2016

    Steve gives a brief overview of the series and invites the congregation to provide their comments on their highlights of the past four months of teaching.

  • Restoring Broken Relationships

    Steve Sutton // Restore Series (13)

    Sunday 4 September 2016

    For Father's Day Steve looks at how God the Father restores relationship between God and humanity. 

  • Death & Resurrection

    Matt Jones // Restore Series (12)

    Sunday 28 August 2016

    Matt tackles the challenging subject of death. He discusses the types of death found in the Bible and how the resurrection is God's antidote to it.

  • Physical Healing

    Steve Sutton // Restore Series (11)

    Sunday 21 August 2016

    Steve outlines a sacramental rather than a transactional view of physical healing.   

  • He Restores My Soul

    Louise Sutton // Restore Series (10)

    Sunday 7 August 2016

    Louise talks about the restoration of the emotional part of our being and provides practical thoughts on how to experience emotional wellbeing.

  • Restorative Justice

    Matt Jones // Restore Series (9)

    Sunday 31 July 2016

    Matt proposes an alternative to punitive justice that we are used to by outlining God's system of restorative justice.

  • Overcoming Addiction

    Steve Sutton & AA Representative // Restore Series (8)

    Sunday 24 July 2016

    Steve provides a brief introduction to addiction followed by a representative from AA who shares their story. Informative and inspiring! 

  • Overcoming Personal Evil

    Steve Sutton // Restore Series (7)

    Sunday 17 July 2016

    Steve tackles the subject of the Devil and demons. It's not scary at all! 

  • Who Needs Salvation?

    Steve Sutton // Restore Series (6)

    Sunday 10 July 2016

    Steve talks about the three kinds of people who need to experience shalom/sodzo: the suffering, the selfish and the successful. He also briefly mentions structural/institutional evil.

  • Restoring Society (Pt 2):  The Sermon on the Mount

    Steve Sutton // Restore Series (5)

    Sunday 3 July 2016

    Continuing from last week, Steve explains how the restoration of society involves living out the Sermon on the Mount. 

  • Restoring Society (Pt 1): The Beatitudes

    Steve Sutton // Restore Series (4)

    Sunday 26 June 2016

    God's restoration work is not only personal, it also has implications for society. Steve explains how our role as a transformative agent in the world begins with our heart. 

  • Sodzo (Pt 2)

    Steve Sutton // Restore Series (3)

    Sunday 19 June 2016

    Steve explains how 'sodzo' (God's restoring work) is a gift to be entered into now and gives an overview of the afterlife.  

  • Sodzo (Pt 1)

    Steve Sutton // Restore Series (2)

    Sunday 12 June 2016

    Steve introduces us to the New Testament word 'sodzo', which is translated 'save' or 'to be saved'. The saving work of God covers many things: forgiveness of sins; freedom from wrath; physical healing; mental and emotional healing; deliverance from demons (whatever they are); inclusion in community; death; and the restoration of the earth and society.

  • Shalom

    Steve Sutton // Restore Series (1)

    Sunday 5 June 2016

    Steve provides an introduction to our Restore series, which will explore God's restorative work in our lives and world. In this first message we are introduced to the Hebrew Bible's concept of shalom.