We gather at 81 High Street every Sunday at 10am.

Our Sunday services regularly include:

  • Music and singing
  • Kids Church
  • Communion (other churches may call this the Lord’s Supper, or the Eucharist)
  • Exploring the Biblical story and its relevance for today
  • Life stories
  • Prayer including times of silence and reflection
  • Financial giving, and
  • Morning tea.

COVID-19 and Church

With the changing nature of the restriction levels, we continue to creatively respond and adapt to assist people in their faith journey.

On Sunday at 10 am, we get together as a hybrid church with people gathering in our Auditorium and over ZOOM for about an hour. The ZOOM codes change every month for security purposes. For the latest ZOOM code, please contact us and we can pass these along. If it is your first time joining via ZOOM, some people like to leave their camera off and just watch the service. We usually have a Kids Spot in the service. We catch up with what is happening, Sing a song or two, someone takes a few minutes to pray, have a kid’s spot, another person will read a small section of the Bible, we pause for communion, and one of the pastors or a guest speaker explore some of the wisdom of the Bible and how we can apply it to our lives today.

Pre and Post CoVid-19 Restrictions

Sundays – Our Sunday services are relatively relaxed without the need to dress to impress. Services start at 10 am and involve some singing, church family updates and praying for different needs in the community. We also have a time when we remember how much Jesus means to us through what some call Communion, others, the Lord’s Table – regardless of what it is called, it is good to remember. 

We also regularly have one of the pastors or a guest speaker explore some of the wisdom of the Bible and how we can apply it to our lives today. Part way through the service, the children head out for Kids’ Church. We wrap up our time with a chance to catch up with each other over some morning tea. If some of that resonates with you, then we hope to see you soon.

Other ways we connect

Small or Life Groups. While the title might seem new, the idea is not. A small or life group is about getting together with a smaller group of people (usually smaller than a twelve). We connect with what is happening in our life and our relationship with Jesus. Some may have been exploring their relationship with Jesus for a long time, while for others, it is very new. Some may have grown-up children, while others and flying solo. The great thing is that when we connect with each other, it enriches our lives and helps us navigate the lows and the highs, knowing there are people who truly care for you. You don’t have to attend a Sunday service to attend a small group (or the other way round). Perhaps that sounds like you.

Catch up for a coffee. Well, it does not need to be coffee, but another way to look for a new church is to chat with one of the pastoral team.  There does not need to be a lot of arm twisting for one of us to be ready and willing to catch up with another over coffee.  This can be a great way to have a tour of our building and discover there is so much more that goes on at Northern, than just Sunday. You will hear a little about us, the church and the future. Catching up for coffee can be a great way to get a sense of our heart as a church family.

Volunteering. Yes, believe it or not, volunteering is a nice way to look for a church. Through our CareWorks charity, there can be opportunities to volunteer with some who love church and others who believe the roof would cave in if they turned up on Sunday. Not everyone who volunteers with us believes in God, and that’s ok. God believes in them, and we are delighted that they want to help the community be the best it can be. We count it a privilege to have people give up their time volunteering. So, if you have some free time and would like to volunteer, then take a moment to contact us, and we can talk some more.

A helpful suggestion...

The first time we try something new, we can quickly judge things one way or another. Our encouragement is to connect with us, or any church you might consider, by going along regularly for a month. That way, you get a better feel for the people and a sense of the culture. If there is a fit, then great. If not, then why not chat with one of the pastors, and they may have some suggestions of a church community that might fit better.

Where to from here?

If you are ready to connect, then we look forward to meeting you soon. 

If you would like to discover more then take a moment to visit our culture, mission and values, or check out our past services

Northern Community Church of Christ
81 High Street, Preston VIC 3072
Phone 03 9484 4788